The pressing need to revitalize “the Militia of the several States”

America is being buried in an avalanche of assaults upon her National independence, integrity, and identity—upon her economic prosperity and social stability—upon her cultural heritage—and even upon her ability to survive as a viable political and economic entity. The worst of these include:
  1. Attacks by international “terrorists”—which, whatever their true sources and actual potentials for harm to persons and property within the United States, must be taken seriously, because they provide the context and especially the excuse for what officials in the General Government threaten will be a perpetual and limitless “war on terrorism”, waged with the elastic “emergency powers” of an at least nascent National police state.
  2. Invasion by illegal immigrants—much of it instigated, aided, abetted, and condoned by domestic public officials, foreign governments, and international organizations both public and private, for the purpose of transmogrifying the United States economically, politically, and culturally, in order to destroy this country’s National integrity and identity.
  3. Infusions of illicit drugs—also aimed at destroying the United States, with many narco-gangsters being the actual agents of, protected by, or in some other manner connected with intelligence, law-enforcement, or other governmental agencies in various countries; and with the massive proceeds from the traffic providing the means to corrupt public officials, law-enforcement personnel, and large segments of the economy.
  4. Depredations of criminal enterprises organized and operated on a global scale—especially the para-militarized “street gangs” now burgeoning within the United States that comprise integral components of, or closely cooperate with, the drug cartels, “terrorist” networks, revolutionary movements, and other international criminal syndicates.
  5. Rampant domestic “gangster government” at the National, State and Local levels—that is criminality in the form of rogue American public officials’ open misuse of the law to break the law under color of the law.
  6. The dragooning of America as a “global policeman” in the service of special-interest groups, both foreign and domestic—not even with the material advantages that usually accrue to a mercenary, because Americans themselves must pay for the dubious privilege with their lives, their treasure, and the odium peoples throughout the world heap upon them, and must live in fear of the desires for vengeance and designs for retaliation that those peoples justifiably harbor in their hearts and draw in their minds.
  7. Schemes aimed at overthrowing the Declaration of Independence—to wit, the concerted efforts of domestic office holders, coordinated with the operations of such international organizations as the United Nations and so-called “nongovernmental organizations” both domestic and foreign, to destroy America’s “homeland” entirely, by undermining and then eliminating her National independence and sovereignty, submerging Americans within first a regional, then an hemispheric, and finally a global New World Order that utterly rejects and even ridicules the premises of the Declaration that Americans are entitled “to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them”.
  8. Cultural subversion, corruption, and dissolution—from “pluralism” and “multiculturalism” through outright materialism, hedonism, and insatiable personal and group narcissism and avarice, all of them aimed at circumstances—in America first unpopular, then unworkable, then untenable, and finally impossible. And, overarching them all.  
  9. The inherent instability and corruption of America’s monetary and banking systems—which, being based on near-fiat currency, “monetization of debt”, and fractional-reserve central banking, must inevitably slide into crises or collapse entirely, reducing society to chaos. Coupled with
  10. A staggering burden of governmental financial liabilities—most of them entirely unfunded except through the emission of other forms of public debt, with the whole utterly un-payable in real terms.
On its own, each of these onslaughts gravely endangers America’s “homeland security”.  For example, a hyperinflationary explosion of America’s monetary and banking systems would visit economic devastation upon the whole country,  . . .

The above is extracted from
Constitutional “Homeland Security”
Volume 1: The Nation in Arms

By Edwin Vieira, Jr., PHD


Some say that it will take time, even years, to revitalize or restore the State Militia. Conditions are rapidly deteriorating and time is running out. “Time is of the essence.” The restoration of the State Militia is a life and death situation and therefore must be a priority.

Therefore, fellow patriots, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, that the God of heaven will intervene on our behalf and lead us to victory over our enemies.

– Robert D. Gorgoglione Sr.