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Legendary Determination

March 29, 2011
Duty. Honor. Courage.

Feared by Big Government. Hated by Big Media. Maligned by power-hungry partisans. That's what happens when organized Constitutionalists create an informed electorate that holds public servants accountable.

“These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” - Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

Political action is necessary, but it is insufficient. With political action you win some battles and lose others, but every victory motivates the opposition to fight twice as hard next time. Political action alone is frustrating and causes many activists to get discouraged and give up because it never fixes the root of the problem: an ill-informed electorate.
If you think about it, an informed electorate is more powerful than political parties, Big Media, or special interest money. A sufficiently informed electorate is the reason America has preserved as much freedom as we have, and an insufficiently informed electorate is the reason we've lost as much freedom as we have.
“Education is our total strategy and truth is our only weapon,” said Robert Welch, who pioneered the modern Constitutionalist movement and designed a program that creates an informed electorate in any congressional district. To inform others, you must first inform yourself.
We The People have stewardship of our own freedom. What will we do with it? Preserve individual rights and national independence? Restore the Constitution? If Congress simply voted Constitutionally, the federal government would be 20% its size and 20% its cost. How's that for an economic stimulus package?

CFR: Tea Party Dangerous, Obstructive

March 9, 2011
When the internationalist-minded Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) decided it was time to take a hard look at the growing influence of the Tea Party movement in America, it selected “one of the country’s leading students of American foreign policy,” Walter Russell Mead, to do the study. Appearing as the headline article in Foreign Affairs for March/April 2011, his article is entitled “The Tea Party and American Foreign Policy.”

Mead’s credentials for representing one of the leadin...
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Do we need a 28th Amendment to the Constitution?

March 3, 2011

A myriad of chain emails have circulated the internet advocating new amendments be added by way of an inherently risky Constitutional Convention (Con-Con).

Maybe we should we try following the Constitution again before we open up the possibility of rewriting it. It worked pretty well when we actually followed it.

Once again a few well-funded organizations have popped up that are ramping up a nationwide push to have enough state legislatures apply to Congress for a Con-Con. These efforts ha...

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Is America Becoming 'Isolationist?'

February 26, 2011

Or is America under Neocon Control?

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The History Lesson Washington D.C. Doesn't Want You to Know

February 25, 2011
Enemies of freedom have always used racial and religious differences to divide people while they take more power for themselves. It's no different today.

The Greatest Story Never Told:  Another black history month is nearly gone, and it's another year where the government-schools and the pundits fail to teach Americans an important history lesson...the one that goes like this - "OK, for all these years, we've been telling you that states' rights and nullification was evil and all about racism....
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The Tea Party Goes To Washington Book Bomb!

February 22, 2011
February 22nd - 24th, 2011

To celebrate we’re holding an online radio marathon at featuring Rand Paul, Ron Paul, John Dennis and more. Check the website for lineup details being added throughout the day.

Bookbombs are a great way for us to spread the message of liberty. A best selling book gets a lot of media, spreads ideas of liberty and all of the contributors get a book for their efforts. Everyone wins! And remember, the Tea Party movement is a he...
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The Grinch Who Stole the Republican Revolution of 1994

February 20, 2011
A timely lesson about The Real Newt Gingrich:

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State Education Budget and Technology

February 18, 2011
State Representative Steven Thayn recently sent to interested Idahoans a nine-point proposal to reduce educational expenditures, including a reduction in costs for educational technology.

I agree with his points, but would add that use of technology is valuable and the cost of it can be shifted from school to home, because it is not expensive for homes to own computers and other educational technology. See the TECHNICAL HORIZONS IN EDUCATION JOURNAL at and http...
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Health Care Not First Law to Face Nullification

February 15, 2011

Richard Larsen's latest Idaho State Journal column is posted online at well as the ISJ weblog at

Following is an excerpt:

For some, the mere utterance of the word “nullification” conjures up images of voodoo incantations to exorcize evil spirits, or of “Gomers running around the block yelling ‘Citizen’s arrest.’” For some inexplicable reason, such images were never invoked when ...

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Myths about "Students Come First"

February 12, 2011

Myth: 85% of teacher salaries will come from the salary scale and 15% from merit pay. That means that teachers receive a 15% reduction in salary right off the top and then have to somehow earn it back. There is no way you can earn that back in merit pay. Tom Luna is taking away salaries to fund merit pay.
Fact: Under the Students Come First plan, the state will fully restore the instructional salary grid and teachers will continue to be paid based on steps and lanes now and in the future. This...

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